Working with De Luca

We bring out the best in each other – and our projects

De Luca construction workers talking on site

The combination of our own well-qualified staff, leading consultants and loyal subcontractors create productive teams capable of imagining future places and finding the best ways to build them.

We believe in collaboration as the surest route to shared achievement so have worked hard to create a really collaborative culture, appointing staff who communicate well and who are creative and proactive in developing solutions for clients.

Every project is a unique situation that receives an individual and carefully considered response bringing together a whole range of insight and experience from our diverse people and partners. Nothing is ‘just a job’. Everything is an opportunity to build the bigger picture and create a great outcome.

Whether you’re a subcontractor, consultant, partner, client or employee, we don’t just provide our good ideas, we listen to yours.

Project partners

De Luca’s belief in collaboration, quality and style is a strong basis for partnerships that work smoothly and leave a legacy of lasting relationships and outstanding outcomes. Please contact us to discuss a potential partnership or joint venture.


Our objective is always to have creative, stimulating dialogues with consultants and to combine expertise in productive ways. Together we can build something greater than the sum of our parts. If you would like to work with De Luca, please contact us.

Subcontractors and suppliers

We highly value the specialist skills of our subcontractors and the quality-focus of our chosen suppliers. We believe in returning the loyalty you show us and making your association with De Luca a positive one. If you feel you can contribute to our collaborative culture and quality outcomes, please contact us.