Our commitment

High standards and care are integral to who we are


Safety is a constant priority and consideration in our planning and construction. We adhere to the highest standards and all current legislation, regulations and codes. Our workplace health and safety management system, training, risk analysis and regular audits ensure we comply with Safety AS4801 at all times. Having said that, it’s not just about compliance but going beyond the call of duty in caring for the people who work for us, our partners and the public. Our strong safety track record says it all.


Quality is an attitude not just a system of ticking boxes and it’s the very essence of the De Luca culture and approach. Our ISO 9001 quality management system supports our high ideals but it’s our people, our choice of suppliers and the people we partner with who ensure quality is a factor in every decision and everything we do.

Environmental sustainability

Part of our investment in a better future is championing environmentally sustainable development that also achieves its objectives of functionality, cost effectiveness and style. Our philosophy is to integrate green building initiatives into mainstream design, construction and operation – and we can advise on how to achieve best environmental outcomes within your parameters. Our environmental management system complies with AS/NZS ISO 14001 and we have extensive experience of Green Star rating requirements.


At De Luca, we believe success should not only be measured by what we build but also on how we benefit the broader community. Our teams engage with the community and do their utmost to create a positive affect for the local environment.