About De Luca

Our dual perspective gives broader insight

With over 20 years’ experience and an equally enduring determination to embody quality, De Luca is one of Australia’s leading choices for major residential, commercial, retail and industrial construction projects. We are also developers in our own right, investing in individual developments and creating places that people are proud to be part of.

Our integrated dual perspective as both builder and developer gives us clear insight into how Australians like to live, work, relax and shop – and how to create that reality in ways that offer outstanding value and lasting worth.

De Luca founder, Nic De Luca, continues to be actively involved and accessible, influencing the way the company’s vision and values are integrated into every project.

In our two decades, we have based our growth on strong principles of integrity and financial sustainability and take on multi-million dollar projects across a wide range of sectors.

The future is ours to build.

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